From interactive story telling for younger students to the behind the scenes low- down on book illustration from start to finish, I love to visit schools and meet my readers!

Visits can be adjusted to all grade levels, Pre-K-High school

See below for more info on school visits anywhere in the world, downloadable activities and more.



From being a kid who liked to draw, to creating books in clay, see behind the scenes with pictures & videos from raw manuscript to printed piece. Emphasis on research & cooperative skills & the many mistakes along the way. 20-60 min. depending on grade level- 

clay craft available




Poppy’s Best Paper was inspired by the author’s own 4th grade paper. But rejections rolled in when Poppy started life as a blue raccoon made of clay. Kids see the process & results of perseverance. 



Keeping young writers on task is a challenge at any age! This presentation uses the book, Poppy's Best Paper as a jumping off point for inspiring writing skills. Humor and hubris are examined as Poppy's life lessons become teaching tools.

Illustration Career Talk

In-depth path of a picture book created in clay, from raw manuscript to printed piece; with emphasis on the huge role of research & cooperative skills in working with a client- Plus tips for self promotion and getting your work out to the public.  Teen through Adult 40-50 min.


FULL DAY: $800.00 (up to 4 presentations)      |     HALF DAY: For schools only in Greater Nashville area - $450 (up to 2 presentations)
Optional clay craft project for an additional $2.00 per kit.

*There is a travel fee for visits more than 50 miles outside of the greater Nashville area.

Teachers, Librarians, Booksellers, Authors and Illustrators all have the same objective; get books in the hands of students! We also face the same realities of slashed budgets and dwindling funds. Even tried and true sources such as PTO funds have been strapped.

TENNESSEE TEACHERS! Author visit funding is available through the TN Arts Commission


Here is some more information on outside funding for school visits




Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide

Make a baked clay Peace Dragon

Peace Dragon - done for Linda Ragsdale

Peace Dragon - done for Linda Ragsdale

Poppy's Best Card

Poppy's Best Card

Click the photo above to download the pattern for Poppy's Best Card!


Crafts and Coloring Pages from Poppy's Best Babies

Here are some activities from My Love for You is the Sun

River Word Find

River Word Find

Rain Word Match

Rain Word Match

Tree Dot to Dot

Tree Dot to Dot

Here are some fishy crafts you can make with clay. These crafts were created by my friend, Linda Ragsdale, who makes drawing easy with her “Amazing Step-by-Step Art Card Studio” Series. Click any of the images below to download!

You will need:

Play-Doh or some other air dried clay
A 5x6 piece of stiff paper like poster board or watercolor paper
A Ziploc sandwich bag
Texture sheet like a potato or onion bag, toy truck tires, anything that will leave a texture in clay!

  1. Roll a ball of clay in your hands for 20 seconds to soften it. Sing a verse of “Row, Row, Row your boat” while you roll and your clay will be ready at the end of the song!

  2. Flatten your piece of clay either by rolling it with a pencil or using your hands.

  3. Cut out the pattern pieces, leaving the picture of the fish as your reference art.

  4. Place the pattern pieces on your clay & cut around them.

  5. Assemble your fish on your poster board & press the clay down to stick to the paper.

  6. Press textures into your fish & decorate it any way you like.

  7. You can even add a background with clay or markers!

  8. Put your craft in your Ziploc bag & show your parents!

We all get the jitters on the first day of school. Susan Eaddy, author of the POPPY'S BEST PAPER, and many other books for young readers, tells us about a first day when she had the jitters. Share her story and FIRST DAY JITTERS by Julie Danneberg with your back-to-schoolers and the jitters will turn to laughter.