Written by Susan Eaddy * Illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet

Poppy wants to be a verrrryyy famous writer.

When her teacher asks everyone to write a paper, Poppy is sure that hers will be the best. She starts writing-but soon gets distracted. There are so many other interesting things to do.

Then Mrs. Rose reads Lavender's paper to the class- Lavender, Poppy's best friend! It's not fair! Poppy worked so hard ... didn't she?


About the author:

Susan Eaddy works in her attic studio writing picture books and playing with clay. Poppy's Best Paper is her debut picture book as an author. 

About the illustrator:

When Rosalinde Bonnet was little, she couldn't decide if she wanted to be an artist or a zoologist. Now she writes and illustrates books that often feature animals- like Poppy! She has written and illustrated numerous children's books published in France and England. Rosalinde lives in Versailles, France.


Book trailer for Poppy's Best Paper, by Susan Eaddy


For the back story of how Poppy came to be, here is an interview detailing her start as a blue raccoon, and all of the struggles along the way.




Book trailer -My Love for You is the Sun