Bologna 2016

I like to keep a sketch journal when I travel. Here are some of my gathered sketches & photos from the 2016 Bologna Children's Book Fair.

Brazil December 2014

China 2013


March 28 -April 18, 2013

Longji Rice Terraces
Duck in orange sauce-rice cooked in Bamboo
Jiou women with long hair wound up

Farmer's wife
Family house for 5 generations
part of their ancestor shrine
snake wine - yikes!
Karsts and bamboo rafts on the swollen Li river
our hotel on the Li River

on the road to Moon Hill
Let me set it straight for the record, my daughter took most of the best of these shots!

bridge en route to Moon Hill



streets of Xingping

on the road to Guilin

selling communist memorabilia


Shangri-La village

Muslim market

beautiful bride

bird pets

terracotta warriors

and their horses

and their hairdos

can't believe I am actually here

work goes on always

metal window decorations
how did he get there?

yum! dumplings

love this sign

love this little guy

Lotus leading our rickshaw through the Hutong district

playing mah jong in the park

Kung Fu Master in the Hutong
we're here!

cold and steep- spectacular

that's the wall in the background- we are on the unreconstructed part

the Toboggan!


and more steep

Peking Opera

this artisan made David's carved wooden rhino

I just loved these little vehicles
dragon boat at the summer palace

wearing her Mongolian Princess hat Souvenir

Joy managed a surreptitious shot of this wonderful man

looking and commenting on Joy

I loved him. At the Summer Palace

Guess who made it to the Forbidden City?
caldron handle-Forbidden City

Hanging Monastery

roof detail

YunGang Caves

Joy for scale- and these weren't even the biggest

Datong- from the hotel window
silk worms with mulberry leaves

gathering silk from the cocoons

gazing out at Shanghai

The Bund. Bull with frisky visitors

sunrise from my hotel room

Shanghai old and new



trotters in Tongli

at the yacht dock

the Yachts
our Captain


French Concession- Shanghai

bikes at West lake
food at West Lake

adored child

Giant Incense Burner at LinYang Temple

Lin Yang Temple

tea plantation

tea plantation
Harbor Light Show

clay play!

Andrea Walker me, Shirley Chan
Jun with her family
Great kids at the Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

The gracious and welcoming Principal

last group of the day!

the art room and art teacher

the Library

the view

the kids with their journals

the art!

Thank YOU Choi Kai Yau school!!
SCBWI members at the fabulous China Club
German Swiss primary

in the library

great kids!

on the way to the Star Ferry

Storm clouds moving in
Kathleen Ahrens, Mio Debnam, Susan Eaddy, Bini Szacsvay, Chris Cheng

watching the rain on our last night

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2012 

not telling how much...
Grand Canal at Dusk

Quiet Mouse in Venice

Arched doorway of the Convent

The Convent. Nice!


working it

sad little mouse
on the way to the dance
UK showcase with John Shelley, Bridget Strevens -Marzo, Babette Cole, Lin Oliver
Kathleen Ahrens cracking up Lin Oliver
The International team! Chris Cheng, John Shelley, Bridget Strevens-Marzo, Kathleen Ahrens, Angela Cerrito, Lin Oliver with BIG knife (add your own speech bubble)
Danika Dinsmore, Julie Hedlund
Duel is ON! John Shelley, Bridget Strevens-Marzo, Barbara McClintock- Angela Cerrito
after the Duel...  Miri Lesham-Pelly

Elizabeth Dulemba's (Southern Breezer) work in Portfolio Display!

Happy to be here! Susan Eaddy, Elite-Avni Sharon, Miri Lesham-Pelly

sparkling clear day

For David

found myself humming Simon & Garfunkel's Old Friends

twilight time


Leaving Venice


Last Day in Taipei

They're Changing the Guard at Memorial Hall
Chiang-Kai-shek's figure looks down on it all 
My Daddy's a soldier who works for the Guard,
"The marching and stamping is terribly hard."
says Daddy.

They're Changing the Guard at Memorial Hall
Chiang-Kai-shek's figure looks down on it all 
Daddy's helmet is shiny, his uniform pressed,
I help polish boots,
"And mine always look best!"
says Daddy.

They're Changing the Guard at Memorial Hall
Chiang-Kai-shek's figure looks down on it all 
My Mommy and I watch my Daddy parade
"I'd do this job whether
or not I got paid."
says Daddy.

They're Changing the Guard at Memorial Hall
Chiang-Kai-shek's figure looks down on it all 
Click! Clack! go the boots as they snap into place.
Crick! Crack! go the guns,
"But we point into space"
says Daddy.

My Mommy and I, stand silent and tall
For the Changing of Guard at Memorial Hall.
"Do you think my Daddy knows that we're here?"
"He sees and he knows, and he's proud of you, Dear."
says Mommy.

Baoan Temple

Temple lion

Baoan temple

Chiang-Kai shek's statue

One of the Guard

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall
Thank you again, to everyone who made this trip possible, and especially to the SCBWI!
I've had some requests for the link to the videos, this will get you to my Channel which will have all that I have made.

Taipei- Round 2

Ariel's bookshelf

studio peek

Ariel and Robert and Taipei 101

Din Tai Fung

Dumpling Baby

Street Bunnies

Yuntech University

Jessie Huang, me holding her book!
Snug in Jessie's window box
Jessie's Books 

My name in CHINESE!!!! Jessie and her student's made this for me!
healthy tea

Hot pots!

an Artist's home

Picture Book Symposium and Yuntech

Booklet for the Symposium
booklet pages on various speakers

Work from the student show
Book of Professor Min-Chung Chuang's artwork- Chair, dept. of Fine arts

Li Yuan's book

Sweet Sisilia's ( my student interpreter) handmade card


Okey dokey.
I've never blogged before, but I thought that a school visit trip to Taiwan was possibly worth blogging about. I'll post excerpts from my journal, and pictures along the way. gulp. Here we go!